At Bright Beginnings we work extremely hard to create a safe and fun environment for all the children in our care. All rooms have been designed to support your child’s learning and development at every step of their journey with us.

The baby room is a calm and relaxed environment that has been designed to allow positive interactions between the practitioners and the babies and help build bonds.

The open plan room and activities provide an enabling environment in which the babies can learn and challenge themselves through exploration and investigation.

The toddler room is a fun space designed for cooperative play and learning. The children have access to two areas which enables lots of opportunity for exploration and choice making as well as quiet spaces for story time and singing.

Manners, sharing and turn taking are all encouraged during play and children are supported to develop at their pace through organised routines.

The pre-school room is a stimulating environment that is designed to support learning in all areas of the EYFS and provides opportunities for the children to role play, read stories, get creative with drawing and painting activities and develop their mark making skills.

Independence is encouraged with the children self-serving at mealtimes and taking care of their personal hygiene in the adjacent bathroom. All children are encouraged to make decisions and are free to move from area to area as we operate a free flow play system.